The Kasha Of Kaimuki


When searching for a haunting to write about in the state of Hawaii I came across a series of books written by Glen Grant  called Obake Files: Ghostly Encounters in Supernatural Hawaii.  Glenn Grant was a Hawaiian historian, author and folklorist.  He was born in Los

STAR-BULLETIN / 2001Photo of Glen Grant

Photo of Glen Grant

Angeles, CA on February 23, 1947 and died in Honolulu, HI on June 19, 2003.  Grant was a educated historian who also opened a book store/cafe called The Haunt, known mostly for carrying books on the occult, folklore and mythology.   The Haunis also well known for a 19th century era seance room built upstairs a few years after the cafe had opened.  In one of his books Obake: Ghost Stories in Hawai’i. he wrote a story which jumped out at me, it was about a kasha.

In Japanese folklore a kasha is a high ranking demon which appears humanoid with a cat or tiger-like head.  Kashas are known for lurking inside crematoriums or cemeteries.   They are said to steal the corpses of individuals who have committed many mortal sins and their job is to bring these bodies to hell.  Others believe the kasha is also a cannibalistic entity that tries to feed off human corpses.

The famous Kaimuki House located on 8th Avenue & Harding, is rumored to be home to a

Drawing of kasha

Drawing of kasha

kasha.  There are many strange tales reported about this house.  Reportedly, three murders have taken place on the property.  These claims are backed up by local police reports and the stories of owners, or soon to be owners of the property.  The kasha is said to have come to the home originally after a father murdered his 2 children and his wife in the home.  The bodies of his wife and son were found buried on the property, but the body of his daughter has never been found.  Another brutal murder also occurred in this house which involved a lesbian couple who lived on the property.  One of the women had taken a male lover, who wasn’t aware of the relationship between the women.  When he discovered the truth, he became so enraged that he murdered both women and before committing suicide inside the home.  Another story of violence in the home is about a family who called police to the property in the summer of 1942 because an “unseen entity”  was attacking their children.  When the police arrived they found a hysterical woman screaming that a “ghost” was trying to kill her children.  Reportedly, the police could not stop the attack and simply watched for over an hour while the three children were slapped, kicked, levitated then thrown across the room by an unseen force.

These stories are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many other reports of a violent, abusive entity in the home.  One night, three girls who were living in the home kept seeing strange things and hearing creepy noises.  One of the young women even felt something she couldn’t see grab her arm.  Terrified, the women called the police for assistance, and upon their arrival, the women decided to leave the house to stay with one of their mothers.  Frightened, they asked the police to follow them, and shortly after leaving they pulled off the road into a parking lot.  Thinking this was odd, the police got out of their vehicle to see what was happening and could see the women trying to fight off an unseen force.  They claimed that one of the women was being strangled by the ghost.  One of the policemen tried to help her and was pulled back and restrained by what he described as a “large calloused hand”.  He put the girl who had been choked into the back of the police car and told the girls to follow them, but when he tried to start the car it would not start, but when he sent the young lady back to her vehicle both cars started right up.  The policemen decided to follow the girls again and watched in horror when while the car was moving, the door was ripped off the vehicle, and the entity’s victim was pulled out of the vehicle and thrown to the ground by an invisible force.  They were unable to do anything to stop the attack and were forced to watch as the woman was choked to death.

In 1977, a young couple bought the property.  They found nothing out of the ordinary until one evening after a traditional Hawaiian Mother’s Day dinner.  They returned home around 8 p.m. and retired to their room for the evening.  Around midnight, the woman awoke kasha3because the room had become very cold.  As she looked around to see if any of the windows were open she saw what appeared to be the spirit of a larger woman with no arms or legs hovering at the end of her bed.  When she stood up to go use the restroom the spirit vanished.  Frightened by the encounter, the young couple decided to contact their reverend.  He suggested they make an offering to the spirit because it was probably lost and needed help returning to where it belonged.  The couple laid out food and drink for the spirit every night for a week.  The spirit never appeared to the couple again.

Hawaii is often considered to be one of the most spiritual places on earth and it is believed that most of the spirits here are as serene and peaceful as the beaches.  But these terrifying tales indicate that this is not always the case.  I am not sure who is living in this spooky home now although it’s reported to be occupied and well kept.  Let’s hope though that the frightening, disruptive and often violent spirits who have been reported in this home are now at peace and laid to rest.  As with all of our stories, please respect the privacy of the people who may live here, and don’t trespass.  Only visit private residences when invited by the current owner.





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