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Location: 5200 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO

Epperson house

In the heart of Kansas City, Missouri lies the University of Missouri, Kansas City. With a long and historical past, the university grounds are a mix of many new buildings as well as ones from many years past. In one of the oldest buildings on campus, named Epperson House after its original owner Uriah Epperson.

Littered with secret passageways and other things faculty and students have yet to discover, Epperson house is one of America’s top haunted destinations.

There are tales and rumors as to possible love affairs and bitterness between Epperson and his wife, Elizabeth. One such tale is that of an organ student of the university’s conservatory who died before she could play an organ which she designed herself. Students have repeatedly reported seeing the student (Barse) dressed in an evening gown ready as if ready to play a performance that would never happen. On top of sightings, students and security guards alike have reported strange organ music playing at night.

Other tales such as that of a security guard in 1979 are also quite well-known. His car was reportedly hit violently from behind, yet no damage, other car, or any other person was around that night.

Another story tells of Epperson’s daughter-in-law who was allegedly barred from dating a man whom she loved. She hanged herself in the attic, and some say that if you listen closely, you can hear her cries at night for the love she never could have.

Others believe Uriah Epperson walks the house himself at night, haunting his own house long after his death…

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