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In 1872 Henry Lambert opened the hotel with raving  recommendations from President Ulysses S. Grant.   Lambert was a famous french chef who had served as a personal cook for 2 U.S Presidents the first being Abraham Lincoln, the second  Ulysses S. Grant.  Originally the hotel was named Lambert’s Inn it had a saloon,  restaurant and 43 rooms.  Being it was built in a time where law in the area did not yet exist the saloon quickly gained a reputation as a place of violence.  26 men were said to be shot and killed within the walls of this tavern.  The Lambert Inn was very popular with the cowboys and miners  travelling the Santa Fe Trail.  In 1880 the Inn became so popular that Lambert decided to add guest rooms.  Through all the violence the hotel was said to be the most elegant hotel west of the Mississippi.

Many Historical Icons of the Old West are known to have stayed and fought in these walls.  Doc Holliday, Wyatt and Morgan Earp along with their wives, Jesse James who stayed many times and frequented room 14, Bob Ford, Bat Masterson, Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Clay Alison, and Zane Grey.  There are claims that  Buffalo Bill Cody and Annie Oakley actually met at this hotel.  When the roof of the Inn was replaced in 1901, Lambert’s sons found more than 400 bullet holes embedded  in the ceiling above the bar. “A double layer of heavy wood prevented anyone from sleeping upstairs from being killed. Today, the ceiling of the dining room still holds 22 bullet holes.”  When the railroad came through.  Santa Fe Trail died out.  So did many of the business this once booming hotel had.

After the passing of Henry Lambert is 1913, the building has passed from owner to owner.  Many times it was left completely uninhabited throughout the years. In 1985, the Inn was restored and opened as the St. James Hotel.  There are rumors of paranormal  activity throughout the building.  The hotel has been featured on several paranormal television shows including Unsolved Mysteries and A Current Affair.



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