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Sage Hill Bed & Breakfast / Country Inn
2091 33rd St. NE
Anamoose, North Dakota 58710
Phone:  701-465-0225

The History:

According to the current website, this bed & breakfast was originally a school built in 1928 and named “The White School” after Colonel Samuel White, a local hero from the Spanish American War.  The school was far beyond its time and used a wind generator for its power, offered hot lunches and even hot showersf for students when most of them did not have indoor plumbing at home.  At its most popular, the school served 100 local children.  Eventually, due to a declining population in the area, the school was closed in 1968.

There are some discrepancies in the stories regarding the original build date of the school, some claiming it was built in the early 1800’s while the official website claims it was built in 1928.  Unfortunately, McHenry County, ND does not have online assessors records to confirm this information, but if anyone is in or near this part of ND and can confirm for us, we would appreciate it!

The building has been renovated and The Sage Hill Bed & Breakfast opened in 1996 and the bed and breakfast is currently in operation today.

The Haunting:

Paranormal sightings around the bed and breakfast seem to mostly center around a fire which is reportedly happened while the school was in operation.  The date of the fire is vague, but according to stories it began in the boiler room, killing both the superintendent who was checking the boiler and a student who had accompanied him.  This superintendent was well known for his affinity for smoking cigars and it is said that cigar smoke is often encountered throughout the building.  Lights flicker and there have been incidents reported where lights refuse to turn off even after the switch is used.  Visitors have also experienced cold spots and hear auditory phenomena including moans and voices.

It seems that the activity has died down some since the renovations to the property have been completed.  Does that mean that these reports paranormal incidents are the result of something as simple as faulty wiring?  Could any spiritual presence have started to feel out of place once the building had been updated?  Perhaps they are still there waiting for new guests to come into contact with them.

We contacted the current owner of the property to see if they have had any experiences and they discount any claims of paranormal activity at the location and replied with the following:

“Please disregard any thing you may have read about this place being haunted. Somebody apparently had a vivid imagination and made up tales and put them on the ineternet.  If some one looking for paranormal experience want to book a room, I won’t let them.”

So while the bed and breakfast operates year round and has won awards for it’s excellent level of service they are not open to paranormal investigations and apparently do not want bookings from those interested in the paranormal.  At any rate, details on booking rooms and visiting this property can be found their website.


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