Rock and Roll Cemetery

William Seymour Memorial Cemetery

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Rock’ n Roll Cemetery
Ocean Springs, MS

The History:

This land on which this cemetery, officially known as the William Seymour Memorial Cemetery, in Ocean Springs, MS sits was originally patented to Peter Seymour in 1856 and later sold to William Seymour in 1888.  Unfortunately, the land was lost due to non-payment of taxes a few years later in 1902.  It was then redeemed from the county by a local couple who eventually sold a portion of the land back to the Seymour family to be used exclusively for a cemetery in 1910, two years after William’s death.  The small, isolated, round cemetery is still in active use today with burials as recent as 2011.

Vandalism has been a constant concern in the cemetery which has been nicknamed the Rock and Roll Cemetery by many locals.  Because of it’s remote location, it has been frequented by youths in the area as an ideal location for partying.  According to the local newspaper, a motorcycle was ridden through the cemetery in 1966 damaging headstones and floral vases.  In 1982, according to the same publication a man named Bernard Basque took it upon himself to disinter the remains of some of his family members and move their graves to a new cemetery he had created about 4 and a half miles away.

The Haunting:

Gravestones in William Seymour Memorial CemeteryThere are numerous rumors about the paranormal activity on the grounds of this cemetery.  One of the common reports is of a full bodied apparition of a woman in white rocking in a rocking chair.  The woman has also been known to leave her chair and approach visitors in the cemetery.  Beyond this, the gates of the cemetery have been rumored to act strangely from time to time, closing behind visitors and locking unexpectedly.

Due to vandalism in the cemetery it is locked after hours, but can be visited during daytime hours.





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  1. katina harmon
    May 27, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    My grandfather is buried in the cemetery. That is all my family in there. It is a family owned cemetery.

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