Cuban Club

Cuban Club Tampa FloridaLocation:

Ybor City, Florida


2010 Avenida Republica de Cuba
Tampa, FL 33605


The Cuban club was originally built in 1917 as a club which would serve as the center of the Cuban community shortly after Cuban immigration into the US began.  In the 1920’s there were a couple of documented deaths on the property, the first being a suicide committed by an actor on the stage in the club.  The second death was a murder where in a heated argument one of the board members shot another in the face.  Today, the club is rented out as a venue for events.

It is said that both spirits are said to haunt the club.  Beyond these two spirits, witnesses have seen a manifestation of a woman wearing a white dress and red heels walking up the stairs as well as a young boy playing with a ball near where the pool used to sit.

When TAPS investigated the club during an episode of Ghost Hunters, they discovered that there are low hanging power lines near the ballroom of the building by using an EMF reader.  They suspect that these high EMF’s in this area causes people to feel nervous and likely is the root of the sightings in that area of the club.  None of the investigators were able to find activity in the ballroom.  They did, however, capture the sound of footsteps near the area that the woman is seen climbing the stairs although they caught nothing on camera.  Also, investigators used a flashlight to “communicate” with the boy seen on the ground floor of the club and believed they made contact.  After their investigation, TAPS concluded that the Cuban Club is indeed haunted.

When South East Florida Ghost Research (SEFGR) investigated the club they had some spikes on their K2 meter and heard growling noises which they believed belonged to the actor who committed suicide on stage, but they had no luck getting in touch with the young boy which TAPS was able to catch in the Cantina.

The Cuban club has a long history of paranormal sightings and has even been listed as one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Places by the Travel Channel.

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