A collection of the most haunted places in Illinois featuring ghost stories, hauntings and other paranormal stories from across the state of Illinois.

Ashmore Estates


0savesSave Location: Ashmore, IL Address: 22645 E County Road 1050 North Ashmore, IL 61912 (217) 512-9499 The History: This historic building was built in 1916 and was once part of  Coles County Poor Farm.  It operated as an  almshouse until 1959…

The Haunting of “Old Book” at the Bartonville Insane Asylum

Peoria State Hospital

0savesSave Location: Bartonville, Peoria, IL Bartonville State Hospital, also known as Peoria State Hospital or Illinois Hospital for the Incurable Insane was originally built in 1897 but the original building was never occupied because of structural problems.  It had been…