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The Haunting at Maiden Cliff


0savesSave Nestled in the corner of Camden Hills State Park sits a 800 ft. cliff overlooking Megunticook Lake.  Many tourist like to hike the mile long serene trail to the top of Maiden Cliff.  At the top of the cliff stands…

The Kasha Of Kaimuki


0savesSave When searching for a haunting to write about in the state of Hawaii I came across a series of books written by Glen Grant  called Obake Files: Ghostly Encounters in Supernatural Hawaii.  Glenn Grant was a Hawaiian historian, author and folklorist.  He was born in Los…

Springlawn Farm otherwise known as “Albino Farm”


0savesSave In Springfield, Missouri, lays an old abandoned farm, according to local legend it goes by many names. Originally the property was named Springlawn farm, but many have named it “Albino Farm”, derived from local urban legend surrounding the property.…