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Murder on Goffle Road – The Van Winkle Hauntings

Van Winkle home by Janice Lutke

0savesSave About the Guest Author: Don Smith Don Smith is a freelance writer from New Jersey.  He enjoys writing for numerous websites and for comic book companies.  When not writing for one of these outlets, Don is a published author…

The Baron Woolen Mill

Baron Woolen Mill

0savesSave About the Guest Author: Tom Carr Tom Carr is the founder of Wasatch Paranormal Investigators.  His interest in the Paranormal started at the age of 16 when he and a few friends went on their first ghost hunt.  More…

Ashmore Estates


0savesSave Location: Ashmore, IL Address: 22645 E County Road 1050 North Ashmore, IL 61912 (217) 512-9499 The History: This historic building was built in 1916 and was once part of  Coles County Poor Farm.  It operated as an  almshouse until 1959…